Causes of Acute Empyema Thoracis

In this article, we will discuss about various Causes of Acute Empyema Thoracis. So, let’s get started.


Diseases of the lung (infection travels from the lung to pleura) such as lung abscess, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, fungal infection, bronchopleural fistula.

Diseases of abdominal viscera (infection travels from abdominal viscera to pleura) such as liver abscess, subphrenic abscess, and perforated peptic ulcer.

Diseases of the mediastinum (there may be an infective focus in the mediastinum from which it travels to the pleura) such as cold abscess, esophageal perforation, osteomyelitis e.g vertebrae, sternum.

Trauma with a superadded infection like chest wall injuries or postoperative injuries

Iatrogenic (infection introduced during procedure) such as chest aspiration, liver biopsy, etc.

Blood-borne infection such as septicemia



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