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What is CABG (Coronary artery bypass graft)

In this article we will discuss about What is CABG?

In this article, we will discuss What is CABG (Coronary artery bypass graft)? So, let’s gets started.

CABG (Coronary artery bypass graft)

CABG (Coronary artery bypass graft) is a surgical procedure performed for the treatment of coronary artery disease (narrowing of coronary arteries) in order to restore normal blood flow in the obstructed coronary artery.

There are two main approaches, one in which the left internal thoracic artery is diverted to the left anterior ascending branch of the coronary artery and in another approach, the great saphenous vein is used as a graft whose one end is attached to the aorta and another end is attached to the obstructed artery thereby bypassing the obstruction and restoring blood flow.

Types of coronary artery bypass grafting (only names)

  1. Traditional CABG
  2. Off-pump CABG
  3. Minimal Invasive Direct CABG

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