Medicine, Oral Anti Diabetic or Hypoglycemic drugs

Oral Anti-Diabetic or Hypoglycemic Drugs

In this article we will classify Oral Anti-Diabetic or Hypoglycemic Drugs. So let’s get started.


(1) Sulfonylureas like Gliclazide,Glimepiride etc

(2) Meglitinides like Repaglinide

(3) Biguanides like Metformin,Phenformin

(4) Thiazolidinediones like Pioglitazone,Rosiglitazone

(5) Alpha-glucosidases inhibitors like Acarbose

(6) Dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 inhibitors like Linagliptine,Saxagliptine

(7) Glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist like Exenatide,Liraglutide

(8) Sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors like Canagliflozine,Dapagliflozine.


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