Biceps Strengthening Exercises

In this article we will discuss about various Biceps Strengthening Exercises. So, let’s get started.


(1) Dumbbell Hammer Curls

(2) Seated Alternating Curls

(3) EZ Bar Curls

(4) Incline Bench Hammer Curls

(5) Incline Bench Hanging Curls

(6) Smith Machine Drag Curls

(7) Preacher Curls

(8) Chin ups

(9) Spider Curls

(10) Drag Curls

(11) Concentration Curls

(12) Barbell Reverse Curls

Video link to these exercises are given below


Written by priyeshbanerjeept

Physiotherapist, Certified MFR therapist on a mission to provide one stop search destination for various diseases its symptoms,causes,diagnosis,treatment, physiotherapy management,rehabilitation with practical examples for aspiring physiotherapists,medical professionals and general public.

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