Influenza Virus, Influenza Infection

What is Influenza Virus?

In this article we will discuss about Influenza Virus

In this Article we will discuss about Influenza Virus. So, let’s get started

Influenza Virus

Phylum- Negarnaviricota

Class- Insthoviricetes

Order- Articulavirales

Family- Orthomyxoviridae


Influenza A

Influenza B

Influenza C

Influenza D




These viruses are Group V (-) ssRNA.

Influenza A,B,C affects Humans.

Influenza A Virus

Influenza A contains Serotypes H1N1,H1N2,H2N2,H3N2,H5N1 responsible to cause flu epidemic.

H1N1 causes Spanish Flu and Swine Flu

H2N2 causes Asian Flu

H3N2 causes Hongkong Flu

H5N1 is a highly pathogenic agent that causes Avian Influenza or Bird Flu.

H7N9 caused infection in China and was first reported in the year 2013.

In the next article we will discuss about Sign and Symptoms of Influenza Virus Infection and also about various Vaccinations available against these Viruses.

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