Abnormal Breathing Patterns

In this article we will discuss about various types of Abnormal Breathing Patterns. So, let’s get started.


Absence of Breathing


Difficulty breathing


Normal Breathing


Increased depth of breathing, Increased volume with or without increased frequency.


Increased rate or depth or both of Breathing


Decreased rate or depth or both of Breathing


Increased rate of Breathing

Kussmaul Respiration

Increased rate and depth if breathing over a prolonged period of time in response to metabolic acidosis

Cheyne-Stokes Respiration

Gradual increase in volume and frequency followed by gradual decrease in volume and frequency of breathing with apnea period of 10-30 seconds

Biot’s Respiration

Short episodes of rapid and deep breathing followed by apnea period of 10-30 seconds

Apneustic Breathing

Indicates damage to pons

Central Neurogenic Hyperventilation

Persistent Hyperventilation

Caused by Head Trauma,Brain Hypoxia or low Cerebral perfusion

Central Neurogenic Hypoventilation

Medulla fails to respond to appropriate stimulus

Caused due to Head Trauma, Cerebral Hypoxia or Narcotic Suppression


Can breathe while upright position like sitting but unable to breathe in supine lying or laying down

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