Treatment of Pulmonary Edema

In this article we will discuss about the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Pulmonary Edema. So, let’s get started.


Oxygen helps in reducing dyspnea and shortness of breath.

Intravenous Diuretics like furosemide etc helps to remove excess fluid from lungs.

Nitroglycerin or Enalapril/ Captopril etc helps to reduce workload of heart.

Morphine helps to reduce anxiety eventually help in easing shortness of breath.

For patient in respiratory failure positive airway pressure breathing machines like BiPAP,CPAP may be used.

Physiotherapy Management includes :-

Sidelying Positioning may help in oozing out of secretions.

Shoulder Girdle Mobilisation helps in maintaining proper chest expansion and maximise airway entry.

Steam inhalation should be advised.

Percussion and Vibration is contraindicated in pulmonary edema.

Nebulization is also advisable.

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