Hypothyroidism,Low Thyroid Levels, Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism or Low Thyroid Levels

In this blog we will discuss about the symptoms that indicates that your thyroid level has gone below normal values, so that you may take adequate measures at the right time. Generally womens suffer more from hypothyroidism than men.



Weight gain

Swelling at base of neck


Hair loss



Dry Skin


Change in menstrual cycle usually longer and heavier periods, menorrhagia


Muscle Aches

Brittle Nails



Brain fog

Sleep Disturbances

Cold Intolerance

Puffy face

If you have some of the symptoms, please make sure you test your T3,T4,FT3,FT4,T3RUand TSH levels (Thyroid Hormones).These test along with some other tests helps in diagnosis of Hypothyroidism.

In the next blog we will discuss about causes, diagnosis and treatment of Hypothyroidism

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Wow , I can honestly relate to this post and many of the symptoms. I suffered with Hypothyroidism for years and was treated with a regular dose of Thyroxine. Unfortunately I developed a goitre which grew internally, pressed on my trachea and oesophagus causing difficulity breathing and digestion issues. One month ago I had a Thyriodectomy. The biospy showed Papillary Thyroid Cancer which is apparently common. The surgeon believes I am now cancer free. I will of course have to take Thyroxine and Calcuim medication for the rest of my life and also modifiy my dietary intake. Weight gain has been an ongoing issue, I am sure if I persist I will be able to deal that.

Its difficult to get clear answers about diet and weight loss for someone living without a thyroid gland. On the internet there a numerous sites but many have conflicting ideas. I have the added issuse of being gluten and lactose intolerant.

I recently had my blood drawn checking my T3,T4, etc . My levels are a tad bit low and I blame myself for not taking better care of myself when I found out years ago I was younger and didn’t really understand so I did not follow up. I am glad I am taking better care of myself now and I will be waiting for your next blog. ✨

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