Shoulder Pain,Causes of Shoulder Pain

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is a very common problem among athletes, middle aged and elder individuals especially diabetics. It is the 3rd most common Musculoskeletal Pain.

More than 50% individuals suffer from shoulder pain at some point of time in their life. Following are the causes of shoulder pain listed below:

Frozen Shoulder

Rotator cuff Tendinopathy and Rotator cuff Tear

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome or Swimmer’s Shoulder

Shoulder Dislocation

Supraspinatus Tendinitis

Subacromial Bursitis

Osteoarthritis of Shoulder

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Cervical Radiculopathy

Avascular Necrosis of Shoulder

Bicipital Tendinitis

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

SLAP Labrum Tear

Calcific Tendinitis

Brachial Plexus Injury

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Shoulder Instability

AC joint Injury

Referred Pain of Acidity, Heart Attack , Diaphragm phrenic nerve irritation (Kehr Sign)

Fracture of Humerus, Clavicle and Scapula

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If I could pick your brain, what clinical term would it be with symptoms that occasionally arise that have flare ups of cramps along with shoulder muscles feeling like they are on fire? I would like to do further research due to unknown symptom for 22 years. TYIA

I usually have ( in muscles)distributed evenly ( dull pain ) all day & when the flare ups occur it is confined in the left shoulder all the way to the armpit.

i advice to consult a physiotherapist or an orthopedics and do have a complete review regarding your condition it can be SLE, Dermatomyositis if u have skin pigmentation along with muscular ache or it can be generalised muscle weakness its better to have a complete review with orthopedics and a physiotherapist

No, thankfully no fever when flare ups occur. I definitely will do Dr, research, & thank you for pointing me at right direction to look. The doctors I’ve seen before were regular doctors that can’t diagnose a hole in the ground

being a physiotherapist we always look for complete review before coming to any conclusion and after perfect diagnosis then we proceed for specific treatment so that patient gets best results

Usuaslly both shoulders ache all day but it’s dull pain. When I get flare ups it’s confined to my left shoulder blade to armpit area

No, the main reason I was asking about what it would be called is because there is always a root cause. I have been drinking smoothies with loads of nutrients that my body must have needed.

Thank you for visiting JanBeek and leaving your mark in the form of “likes” … I really appreciate your visits. Leave a comment one of these times and let me know what you are thinking and what it is you “like” about that particular blog, will you? I am grateful that I do not suffer shoulder pain. I know plenty who do… and I will refer them to your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! Have a pain-free, lovely weekend, Priyeshjanerjeept. ❤

You are certainly very knowledgeable in your field and will have many patients, if you do not already. I hurt my shoulders many years ago, working to wash windows in shopping centers as a second job to pay for my then mobile home. I paid the price for the repetitive movement, for the pain was traveling up my arms, especially on the right side, and the then doctor on duty told me that pain cannot travel up the arm. Well, he was wrong, and it did. It was a holiday and i believe he did not want to be working so took it out on the patients.

Last year I injured both arms trying to move things that were way too heavy for me (I am 77 but young in mind and spirit) – heavy equipment in my significant other’s old mobile home. He used to be the maintenance man for our senior mobile home park and he gotten written up for having the equipment on the carport. I had just brought him home from the hospital where he had major surgery on his neck. So rather than get some kind of fine, I took all the things to an area specified by our park management. And within a couple of days, my inner side of my elbows swelled up like baseballs, and I have had pain when trying to lift etc. ever since. I appreciate the information you have shared with us. Thank you kindly.

After listening to your health issue i would adviced you to consult an orthopedics specialist and a physiotherapist along with that have your uric acid , blood glucose analysis. It’s better have your complete biochemistry profile analysis and don’t go for X-ray ,MRI straight away first let orthopedics ask for that. Please consult an orthopedics and physiotherapist . But primarily have your uric acid and blood glucose analyais.

Thank you so very kindly. This is a good thing, and I will do this. I have a very good brand new doctor (new for me) and he is from Egypt, and an excellent and thoughtful doctor, so I am sure I can talk to him about this and he will get me an orthopedics doctor and physiotherapist. I know it does help to get physiotherapy. Thank you so much once again. I wish you the very best in this life.

So interesting that you visited my blog today and I’m suffering from shoulder pain that started in August when my puppy decided to go from standing still to full speed run to the back and yanked my arm so hard I thought it was likely dislocated. The acute pain subsided and I went back to my normal activities of mixed martial arts class twice a week (no contact), dancing, hiking, and weights once a week. Sometimes it’s fine but sometimes I can’t reach up for things on a high shelf or even do a shoulder roll without pain. I’ve been using Advil and topical cream. Just this morning, I decided I need to see someone. Any suggestions?

According to me you should consult an orthopedic specialist and a physiotherapist ,you might have micro tears or microstrain in rotator cuff muscles or shoulder muscles ,a proper physical exam will rule the cause out of shoulder pain. As of now you should perform gentle shoulder range of motion exercises, partial weight bearing exercises of shoulder like by lifting weights in your hands and then perform shoulder movement.

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