What is kuru disease?

In this article we will discuss about Kuru disease. So let’s get started.

Kuru disease is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, a very rare neurodegenerative disease that was commonly found in Fore people of Papua New Guinea. It is caused due to presence of abnormally folded proteins called prion protein. It is transmitted among the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via funerary cannibalism which is a practice of eating body parts of deceased family members. Since women and children usually eats the brain tissue the prevalence of this disease is more in them. It is characterized by laughing sickness, progressive cerebellar ataxia or loss of co-ordination and uncontrollable muscle movements. It has following stages viz preclinical stage, clinical stage, ambulant stage, sedentary stage and terminal stage. There are 2700 cases reported between 1954-2004. Prognosis is usually fatal.


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