Brachial artery

In this article we will discuss about Brachial artery. So let’s get started.

Brachial artery

It originates at the lower border of the teres major muscle as a continuation of axillary artery and ends at cubital fossa in the level of the neck of radius it is then gets divided into radial and ulnar arteries. It gives rise to following branches

Profunda brachii artery

Superior ulnar collateral artery

Inferior ulnar collateral artery

Radial artery

Ulnar artery.

Clinically it is palpable on the anterior aspect of elbow and is used to measure the blood pressure.

Injury to brachial artery as a consequence of humeral fracture leads to Volkmann Ischemic Contracture.

Relation to surrounding structures

Anteriorly- Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm, median nerve and bicipital aponeurosis.

Posteriorly- Medial and long head of triceps and brachialis muscles.

Medically- Ulnar nerve, basilic vein and median nerve.

Laterally- Median nerve, coracobrachialis muscle and biceps brachii muscle.


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