Cotard's Syndrome or Cotard's Delusion

Cotard’s Syndrome

In this article we will discuss about Cotard’s Syndrome or Cotard’s Delusion

In this article we will briefly discuss about Cotard’s Syndrome. So let’s get started.

Cotard’s Syndrome

It is also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome. It is a rare mental disorder in which the affected person feels as if they are dead, do not exist, are putrefying or have lost blood or internal organs. In 1880, neurologist Jules Cotard described it as “The delirium of Negation”. Delusion of negation is the main symptom, patient denies their own existence, body part or portion of a body part. It exists in three stages viz. (a) Germination Stage (b) Blooming Stage (c) Chronic Stage. The germination stage is characterized by symptoms of psychotic depression and hypochondria, the blooming stage is characterized by full development of syndrome and delusion of negation and the chronic stage is characterized by severe delusion along with chronic depression. Treatment includes antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and mood stabilizers. ECT is the most common treatment used and it is more effective than pharmacotherapy in depressed patients.

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