SLAP Lesion

What is SLAP Lesion?

In this article we will discuss briefly about What is SLAP Lesion? So let’s get started.

SLAP Lesion is an abbreviation of Superior Labral Tear from Anterior to Posterior, is an injury of the labrum which is a fibrocartilaginous rim that encircle the glenoid cavity characterised by dull and throbbing pain in the joint which exaggerates on sternous exertion often it makes sleeping difficult due to shoulder discomfort.SLAP Lesion is typically seen in athletes those are involved in repetitive overhead sports activities.


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    1. No and moreover pain increases gradually from on movt and afterwards continuously even on rest and gradual onset of stiffness and it can be very troublesome as it leads to complete Joint Stiffness overtime so adequate Orthopaedic intervention and regular physiotherapy is must and gold standard treatment of choice

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