Symptoms of Concussion

In this article we will discuss about various Symptoms of Concussion. So let’s get started.







Hearing Loss

Emotional lability


Slow Mental Processing

Blurred Vision

Cognitive Dysfunction and Impairment

Primitive Motor Response

Sleep Disturbance

Sensory Impairment

Altered Taste and Smell




2 thoughts on “Symptoms of Concussion

  1. I hit my head very hard one time snowboarding at Copper Mountain and had a concussion. It is very painful and disorienting to smash your brain against your skull. I had a helmet, but those only protect a person to a certain degree. I had to ride the lift back down after that and when I got back to the lodge, I ended up sleeping for several hours. I should have seen a doctor, but I was out of it and I just wanted to lay down. My head hurt so bad and I was very tired. Hope that never happens again! God bless!

    1. Concussions are very painful at that very moment and its very important to take immediate measures to prevent further brain damage, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

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