RICE Concept in Soft tissue injury

In this article we will discuss about the Concept of RICE in Soft tissue injury. So let’s get started.

RICE stands for





Concept of RICE

First term means to rest the body part in order to let it repair, it is recommended during initial 24-48 hrs of injury. Second term means icing the injured part reduces the inflammation and pain and heat generated due to increased blood flow or blood loss. Third term means compression bandages helps in reducing swelling and lastly Fourth term refers to elevation of affected part to improve venous return and henceforth reducing swelling. It is considered a first aid treatment for soft tissue injuries.

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  1. Interesting, I have had pain in both front and rear lower leg after running, but as it can come and go with no rhyme nor reason I have never considered it an injury, but then a physiotherapist said I was suffering from ‘soft tissue’ which I have never heard since until now

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