Sign and Symptoms of Osteogenic Sarcoma

In this article we will discuss about Sign and Symptoms of Osteogenic Sarcoma. So, let’s get started.

Sign and Symptoms

Bone Pain

Tenderness and Redness

Usually affects long bones like Femur, Tibia, Humerus etc

Bone becomes susceptible to fractures

Weight Bearing on affected limb becomes painful for eg. when lower limb bones are involved patient walks with limping gait.

Restricted Range of Motion when joint is involved.

Swelling is noticeable.

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  1. Sunburst appearance and Codman’s triangle are the important radiological features associated with osteogenic sarcoma. Sunburst appearance is due to the aggressive involvement of the periosteum by the tumor. Codman’s triangle due to similar reasons is due to the elevation of periosteum from the cortex giving rise to a triangular appearance at this site in the radiograph.

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