Symptoms of Renal Stone (Nephrolithiasis)

In this article we will discuss about various Symptoms of Renal Stone. So, let’s get started.


Pain on the sides and back and radiates to lower abdomen and groin.

Pain often comes and goes but can be intense sometimes.

Pain while Urinating.

Fever and Chills.

Frequent Urge of Urination.

Discolored and Foul Smelling Urine.

Pink,Red or Brown Colour Urine.

Nausea and Vomiting.

Blood in Urine.

Low Urine Output/ Urinating small amount.

High Frequency or Urinating more than usual.

In the next article we will discuss about various types,causes and symptoms of Kidney Stones or Nephrolithiasis.


Written by priyeshbanerjeept

Physiotherapist, Certified MFR therapist on a mission to provide one stop search destination for various diseases its symptoms,causes,diagnosis,treatment, physiotherapy management,rehabilitation with practical examples for aspiring physiotherapists,medical professionals and general public.


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