Flexor retinaculum of hand

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Flexor retinaculum of hand

It is a rectangular shape strong fibrous band consisting of two surfaces and four borders. It is attached radial side to scaphoid and trapezium bone and on ulna side to hook of hamate and pisiform bone. Ulnar artery, ulnar nerve and cutaneous branch of median nerve passes over the flexor retinaculum. Palmar carpal ligament and palmar aponeurosis runs deeper through it. Flexor carpi radialis is present on the radial side, thr tendon of palmaris longus and flexor carpi ulnaris is attached to the surface of the flexor retinaculum and short muscles of thumb and little finger originates from the flexor retinaculum. Flexor retinaculum forms the roof of carpel tunnel and median nerve passes over the flexor retinaculum so, clinically when median nerve gets compressed due to inflammation of the carpel tunnel it is known as carpel tunnel syndrome.


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