Sign and Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

In this article we will discuss about various Sign and Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. So let’s get started.

Sign and Symptoms

Severe Pain which can be described as “Burning”,”pins and needles”,”stabbing”,”grinding”, “throbbing” and “squeezing” sensation in the entire arm or leg.

Allodynia extreme sensitivity to non painful things such as wind,water etc extreme sensitivity to touch and pressure on the affected area

Changes in the skin colour,skin temperature, skin texture along with swelling of the affected part or limb.

Joint tenderness and stiffness, softening and thinning of bones

Moving or Touching the limb is often intolerable

Patient of CRPS may have one of the three following types of disease progression

Type One is characterized by severe burning pain at injury site,joint stiffness,reduced mobility, muscular spasm, rapid hair and nail growth and vasospasm.

Type Two is characterized by more intense pain, swelling spreads, hair growth diminishes, nails become cracked,brittle grooved and spotty, osteoporosis becomes severe,joints thicken and muscle atrophy

Type Three is characterized by irreversible changes in skin and bones. Their is marked muscle atrophy, contractures and severe limitation of mobility of the affected area.

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