Hamstring Muscles

In this article we will discuss about Hamstring Muscles. So let’s get started.

Hamstring Muscles

It is Composed of Three Individual Muscle viz. Semitendinosus,Semimembranosus and Biceps Femoris


Semitendinosus,Semimembranosus and Long Head Of Biceps Femoris originates from Ischial Tuberosity, while short head of Biceps Femoris originates from Linea Aspera and Lateral Supracondylar line of femur.


Semitendinosus inserts in medial surface of tibia, Semimembranosus inserts in medial condyle of tibia while biceps femoris forms a common tendon and inserts in lateral side of head if fibula.

Artery and Nerve Supply

Inferior Gluteal Artery and Profunda femoris artery

Sciatic Nerve


Flexion of Knee

Extension of Hip

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