Overview of Avascular Necrosis

In this article we will have a overview of Avascular Necrosis

In this Article we will have a brief overview about Avascular Necrosis. So let’s get started.

Avascular Necrosis or Osteonecrosis is a ischemic bone Necrosis or cell death due to lack of blood supply.



Pain on the affected joint that worsen on weight bearing. Pain in groin,thigh and buttock, pain limits joint movement.


Medical Management includes use of biphosphonates to prevent bone collapse, NSAIDS to reduce pain, Lipid lowering drugs to improve blood flow, walking aids to reduce risk of microfractures and ROM exercises to maintain joint usability. Severe AVN requires surgical approach

Surgical Intervention includes

Core decompression

Vascularized Fibula Graft

Bone Graft


Total Hip Replacement

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