Transverse Myelitis

In this Article we will discuss about Transverse Myelitis

In this Article we will discuss about Transverse Myelitis, an acute inflammatory demyelinating disease of spinal cord commonly affecting adults rather than children.

Clinical Features or Symptoms

Pain in the back at the site of lesion. Pain can radiate or shoot down your legs or arms or around chest or abdomen

Weakness in arms or legs

Urinary incontinence, loss of bowel/bladder control

Numbness, tingling, cold or burning sensation.

Other symptoms include muscle weakness, parasthesia, paralysis, neuropathic pain,spasticity, bowel bladder control loss, sensory, motor or autonomic dysfunction, Bilateral sign and symptoms.


Medical management include use of corticosteroids like methylprednisolone etc

Physiotherapy management includes

Stretching to prevent contractures


Posture transfer training

Gait training

Wheel chair mobility training

Prevent bed sores and pain reduction management

Rehabilitation video links are given below

Video credits

Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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