Core Strengthening Exercises

In this article we will discuss about Core Strengthening Exercises. So,lets get started.

1. Shoulder Blade Squeeze

2. Knee to chest stretch

3. Cat and Camel

4. Bridging

5. Lateral Trunk Rotations

6. Standing Extensions

7. Quadruped Alternate Arm and leg

Now, how to perform these exercises video link is given below

8. Russian Twist

9. Plank

10. Hip Raise

11. Alternative Heel Touch

12. Seated Scissors Kick

13. Heel Touch

14. Plank Step up

15. Plank Walk out

16. Cross Crunch

17. Bicycle Crunch

18. Glute Bridge or Bridging (as discussed earlier)

19. Alternative Bird Dog

How to perform these exercises video link is given below

20. Plank with Leg Raise

21. Side Plank on Right Arm

22. Side Plank on Left Arm

23. Spiderman Plank

How to perform these exercises video link is given below

Follow these exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate your core muscles.

More Core Strengthening Exercises will be discussed in future blogs so stay connected.

14 replies on “Core Strengthening Exercises”

The first 7 are quite easy and I already do them. The rest of the exercises get much harder in a very short period time. All look good., but not yet attainable.

Oooh I’m so glad I found this! I already have a core strengthening routine but I am going to spend a day doing half these exercises and another day doing the other half to give my core a health surprise. I focus on my core every Wednesday so I’ll give these exercises a try next week. Planks and Russian Twists are my usual favourites already.

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